The life of a little girl in Aberdeen is closer to changing for the better now that two medical marijuana bills passed out of the Washington House of Representatives earlier this week.

“I’ve been pushing these bills for a couple of years and I am truly happy that this body gave them the green light this time,” said Rep. Brian Blake, D-Aberdeen, sponsor of both measures and chair of the Rural Development Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee. “Like Ducky, there are other children in our state who struggle with seizures or other disorders and I am convinced that these bills will make their lives better.”

Blake sponsored House Bill 1095 after hearing from a constituent whose daughter’s condition, involving seizures, only responds to treatment with cannabidiol, or CBD oil, a medical marijuana concentrate. The girl, affectionately known as Ducky, gets relief after ingesting a few drops of CBD in a cookie or a cup of juice. But sometimes Ducky needs repeated doses in a day and has to miss classes because medical marijuana cannot be administered at the school.

“It doesn’t have to be this way,” said Blake. “We can help these kids so they can have the same opportunity to learn and enjoy school as any other Washington student.”

Blake’s legislation would require school districts to allow students to consume marijuana concentrates for medical purposes on school grounds, aboard a school bus, or while attending a school-sponsored event. The measure also directs school districts to establish policies related to the consumption of marijuana by students for medical purposes if requested by the parent or guardian of a student who is a qualifying patient.

House Bill 1094, Blake’s other measure, would exempt a qualifying patient from having to be physically present when renewing registration in the Medical Marijuana Authorization Database if a health care professional finds that it would likely result in a severe hardship to the patient.

“This bill is about compassion, it just tries to facilitate the renewal process for people with physical or emotional difficulties,” Blake added.

If the Senate approves these bills and the governor signs them, Ducky and other children with similar afflictions could see dramatic differences in their lives.

Here’s a quick list of all Drug-related bills considered in Olympia this session:

Advertising of pharmaceuticals, sale of, B&O tax surcharge, revenue use: SB 5659
Cannabis, cannabis science task force, establishing: HB 2052
Cannabis, medical use, provisions: HB 1060HB 1094ESHB 1094HB 1095SHB 1095SB 5234SB 5442SB 5498SB 5599
Cannabis, product testing laboratories, accreditation program for: HB 2052
Cannabis, Washington cannabis commission, creating: HB 1974
Controlled substances, illegal consumption in child’s presence, sentencing: HB 1700
Controlled substances, uniform act, property forfeiture under: SB 5060
Food and drug administration, U.S., disclosure exemption for certain records: HB 1385SB 5455
Illegal drugs, past manufacture on residential property, seller disclosure: SB 5391
Illegal use, safe injection sites, prohibiting, and state regulatory preemption: HB 2112
Insulin drugs, wholesale price increase notification: SB 5371
Marijuana, business or nonprofit entity, licensing and residency: HB 1236HB 1289SB 5202SB 5409
Marijuana, businesses, administrative violations: HB 1237SHB 1237SB 5318
Marijuana, businesses, advertising to minors, prohibiting: HB 1238SB 5201
Marijuana, businesses, advertising via billboards, prohibiting: HB 1466
Marijuana, businesses, advertising via billboards, provisions: SB 5785
Marijuana, businesses, agreements with, trademarks and intellectual property: HB 1794
Marijuana, businesses, budtender permits for retailers and employees: HB 1370SHB 1370SB 5678
Marijuana, businesses, cannabidiol products: HB 1238SB 5201
Marijuana, businesses, compliance and enforcement reform: HB 1237SHB 1237SB 5318
Marijuana, businesses, delivery endorsement to retailer license: HB 1358
Marijuana, businesses, labor peace agreements: HB 1289
Marijuana, businesses, licensee limits, prohibitions: HB 1289
Marijuana, businesses, marijuana merchandise: HB 1238SB 5201
Marijuana, businesses, outdoor advertising at stadium or raceway, when: SB 5969
Marijuana, businesses, retail employee crimes involving underage persons: HB 1792
Marijuana, businesses, siting and advertising near children: HB 1003
Marijuana, businesses, transfers, holding companies, and management: HB 1289
Marijuana, cannabis science task force, establishing: HB 2052
Marijuana, cultivation or possession in a residence: HB 1131SB 5155
Marijuana, enforcement, powers of liquor enforcement officers: HB 1626
Marijuana, excise tax provisions: HB 1959
Marijuana, financiers of licensees, money source and criminal history of: HB 1963
Marijuana, medical use, compassionate care renewals: HB 1094ESHB 1094SB 5498
Marijuana, medical use, consumption by students: HB 1060HB 1095SHB 1095SB 5442
Marijuana, medical use, estimating medical market demand: SB 5599
Marijuana, medical use, medical marijuana authorization database, funding: HB 1415SHB 1415SB 5482
Marijuana, medical use, recognition cards and excise tax exemption: SB 5234
Marijuana, possession, misdemeanor convictions, vacation of: HB 1500SB 5605
Marijuana, producer or processor license, direct sales endorsement: HB 1945HB 1995
Marijuana, product labels and labeling, requirements: HB 1250SB 5298
Marijuana, product testing laboratories, accreditation program for: HB 2052
Marijuana, products/infused products, various liquor and marijuana permits: HB 1945
Marijuana, products/infused products, various provisions: HB 1945
Marijuana, retail license, for municipal corporation, commission, or authority: SB 5599
Marijuana, retail license, marijuana consumption lounge special endorsement: HB 1945
Marijuana, traceability system, state auditor to audit and report: HB 2076
Marijuana, Washington cannabis commission, creating: HB 1974
Naloxone, grades 7-12 and higher education access: SB 5464
Naloxone, K-12 and higher education access: HB 1039SHB 1039
Offenses, criminal, persons convicted of, resentencing hearings for: SSB 5848SB 5867
Offenses, seizure and forfeiture of property: HB 1269
Opioid overdose medication, grades 7-12 and higher education access: SB 5464
Opioid overdose medication, K-12 and higher education access: HB 1039SHB 1039
Opioid overdose medication, provisions: HB 1331SHB 13312SHB 1331SB 5380
Opioid pollution, reduction permits for pollution control facilities: SB 5657
Opioids, prescription, B&O surtax on persons warehousing and reselling: SB 5940
Opioids/other drugs, athletic trainer purchase/administration of, when: HB 1689SB 5688
Opioids/other drugs, crisis services, enhanced 211 drug line pilot project: SB 5546
Prescription monitoring program, insulin drug wholesale price increases: SB 5371
Prescription monitoring program, opioid prescribing and health records: HB 1331SHB 13312SHB 1331SB 5380
Prescription, athletic trainer purchase/administration of, when: HB 1689SB 5688
Prescription, compounding of drugs, requirements: HB 1352SHB 1352SB 5663
Prescription, cost and utilization data, reporting: HB 1224SHB 1224E2SHB 1224SB 5251SB 5292SSB 52922SSB 5292
Prescription, cost transparency, reporting for: HB 1224SHB 1224E2SHB 1224SB 5251SB 5292SSB 52922SSB 5292SB 5422
Prescription, drug utilization management protocol, use of: HB 1879SB 5806
Prescription, electronic communication to pharmacy of: 2SHB 1331SB 5446
Prescription, high-annual-cost, emerging therapies work group, establishing: HB 1869
Prescription, mail order services, unintentional use/enrollment: SB 5184SSB 5184
Prescription, mercury-containing, prohibitions and requirements: HB 1276
Prescription, naturopath drug and controlled substance prescribing: SHB 1630
Prescription, naturopath legend drug and controlled substance prescribing: HB 1630SB 5752
Prescription, opioids, prescribing of, requirements: HB 1331SHB 13312SHB 1331SB 5380