Middle school sports schedules could be changing on the harbor. Hoquiam School District Superintendant Mike Parker told the school board at last night’s meeting. “There’s some discussions that the league might change, and we would prefer to play as much [on] the harbor as opposed to going to I-5 to play games.”
Parker said they’re working on a schedule that could create a South division and a North Division allowing middle schools in Grays Harbor like Miller, Hoquiam Junior High, and Elma to play each other more often and travel less to the I-5 corridor schools like Tumwater, Chehalis, Centralia, and Rochester. He also noted the amount of class time that some school sports can take away when facing out-of-county schools. However Montesano middle school has expressed interest in playing against the larger schools.
The proposed changes would affect every middle school sport including Football, Basketball, Cross Country, Track & Field, Soccer, Wrestling, and Volleyball.