A couple of derelict boats are being removed from the Westport Marina, at least one has a long history in Grays Harbor. Marina Manager Molly Bold told port commissioners at their meeting in December, “The Nyoda is a 50-foot wood fishing vessel currently located on Float 5. The Taurus is a 44-foot wood fishing vessel located on Float 17.”

Bold said the port will pay Global Diving and Salvage $80,000 to remove them, 90% of that will be reimbursed by the state’s Derelict vessel removal program. “The owners of both vessels have abandoned them and the port has ceased both. The vessels were offered for bid at [a] public auction, however, no bids were received.”

Once they are removed it’s not likely that either boat will see the water again. Bold continued, “Both have deteriorated hulls and are leaking. The port, as the marina operator, is responsible for┬áremoval and disposal.”

Port Commissioner Chuck Caldwell reminisced about the Nyoda, built in 1939, “It’s sort of makes me feel funny to sit down and look at that picture of the Nyoda. That has a history that is unparalleled in Grays Harbor. That Nyoda it’s been everything from a tug boat to a commercial fishing boat to a charter boat, tour boat, it’s kind of funny to see it sitting there anyhow.”

After a dockside visit last week I posted some photos of the Nyoda to our Facebook page which prompted comments from former owners, deckhands, and customers of the Nyoda in its various “lives.”

The Nyoda and the Taurus are on a list with 125 other derelict boats that pose concern statewide, a total of 7 of those boats are sitting in the Westport Marina.