Two children were taken by Child Protective Services from the mother whose 4-year-old son was thrown from a train bridge near Montesano earlier this month.

Lieutenant Kevin Darst with the Aberdeen Police Department tells us that officers were attacked by the woman’s dog when they assisted CPS in serving a court order at their home in the 2100 block of Bay Avenue Wednesday morning.

Darst said that when the officers arrived with CPS, the family was at the residence. There was a dog secured in a back room that was labeled as dangerous. During the emotional discussion that ensued between CPS and the family, the dog was accidently let out of the back room when the grandfather went to the room. The dog had a muzzle on but tried to bite Officer Lougheed on the leg and then jumped on her. The dog turned on Officer Blodgett and tried to attack him. Officer Blodgett attempted to Tase the dog, but it failed when one of the probes didn’t strike the dog.

Darst said that the mother of the 4-year-old jumped in and grabbed the dog while she had the child in her arms. Officer Blodgett told her to get away from the dog with the child in her arms. Finally, the grandfather was able to get a hold of the dog and secure it in the back room. CPS took custody of the two children per the court order without further incident.
The Animal Control Officer was called and took custody of the dog for impound. The dog has been designated as a dangerous dog previously.