A resolution to the lawsuit challenging Grays Harbor county’s ordinance prohibiting property tax breaks for large forest landowners who charge for access could be on the horizon, but for now, we can’t see it through the legal fog.

Outdoor Activist Dan Boeholt said during the county commissioner’s meeting Monday afternoon; “Big Timber, who’s suing the county has notified us that they’ve won, this is a done deal. We’re trying to figure out all of the sudden what’s happened so, do we even have a chance to provide any input on this?”

To which Commissioner Chair Vickie Raines replied, “There is a hearing set for February 16th at 2:00 o’clock, and we will discuss the agreement that has been proposed and that information will come forward at that time specifically what verbiage is to be modified, revised, or deleted.”
The meeting on the 16th is to discuss the repeal of portions of Ordinance 412, however which portions could change has not been disclosed.

Boeholt said after further questions yesterday; “I’m not making your life difficult I’m just – ” Raines interjected, “yes you are,” Dan continued, “This is a lot of people’s lives on the line here so,” Raines replied “I understand completely and we’re not taking the decision to proceed as we are lightly at all. But you know as well as I do when you’re involved in a situation where attorneys and money is at hand you are cautious and you wait until things are done.”

Raines said that the county is “in the final stages of sensitive litigation that could resolve this issue as soon as February 16th; until then, it is appropriate for me not to discuss the confidential details until such time as they may be made public”.