Nearly 8 years after the Mill Creek Dam in Cosmopolis breached, Mayor Frank Chestnut is hoping to see construction approved by the Army Corps of Engineers by Spring of 2016. “We’ve got our fingers crossed. We’re hoping here this next Spring we’ll hear from them. The actual shovel work will begin in June. We have until June and we have between June and the end of September to start and complete the entire project.” That’s the fish window, a time when the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife allows construction in areas that will impact fish habitats.

After hearing that Grays Harbor County Commissioner Frank Gordon objected to the plan to replace it, Chestnut said on KBKW that he’s hoping no one gets in the way of his dam replacement project. “There is no reasonable, cogent objection to replacing a decent flood control device where we had one. So the only objections I could come up with in my mind – and again this is my opinion, is somebody just don’t like Vickie [Raines] and they’re out to kill whatever she has her name on, whether it’s good for people or not.” (Listen to the entire interview in our OnDemand section)

Chestnut was referring to former Cosmopolis Mayor Vickie Raines, who was mayor when the dam breached in 2008, and when a mother and two children were rescued from a Honda Pilot that fell into a sinkhole on Mill Creek drive in 2012.

Brian Blake in a sinkhole
State Representative Brian Blake stands in the sinkhole

Grays Harbor County Commissioner Frank Gordon has said in the past that he doesn’t believe the dam serves a flood control purpose.