Administrators at the City of Cosmopolis are seeking public input as they explore the replacement of their bank-building-city hall and portable police station with a municipal services building.

Mayor Frank Chestnut said on CoffeeTalk recently, “When you take a look at city hall – it’s not a city hall, it’s an old bank building, and a small one at that. [It’s] a brick shell, with a couple walls inside. There’s no decent office space. It’s not ADA-compliant, the police department at this moment is not ADA-compliant.”

Chestnut said the police department has been using a portable building for several years, “It’s not a functional police department – they function, I’ll grant you that and they do their job well. However, that facility’s not a cop shop.”

An online survey asks two simple questions, whether you would support a new Municipal Services Building, and if you would serve on a committee with that goal.

He said the city owns the property on the other side of the same block, at the corner of C and 1st streets, “which is vacant right now, it’s a big lawn. We could use that. The building we could put together could house both city hall and police with the proper separations put between the two.” They’d also like to upgrade and make some repairs to their fire hall.

The City is really just window shopping at this point, they recently paid down most of their debt with the rest set to be paid off by 2022. “Now how we do it, of course, is another conversation that, in my view, will come up as a result of a committee that we could put together that involves a lot of folks. Just like we did when we put the fire hall together.”