Preliminary election results of the November General Election show Governor Jay Inslee ahead of Bill Bryant in the race for Washington State Governor, with 47.6% voter turnout reported so far statewide. With thousands of ballots still in the mail and local drop boxes, elections administrators are projecting closer to 80% voter turnout once the election is certified on the 29th.

Locally, the Grays Harbor County Auditor’s Office reports 50.1% voter turnout in the first ballot count last night. Incumbent Wes Cormier is leading with 1917 more votes than Jamie Nichols in the race for Grays Harbor County Commissioner of District 1. In District 2, incumbent Frank Gordon is losing to challenger Randy Ross by a wide margin.

Incumbent Grays Harbor PUD Commissioner David Timmons is leading over David Jennings by 1974 votes.

Grays Harbor County Superior Court Judges Stephen Brown, David Edwards, and Mark McCauley ran unopposed.

In the race for District 1 Court judge, appointed incumbent David Mistachkin is losing to challenger Kyle Imler by 1653 votes.

A tight race in the 19th Legislative District shows Jim Walsh losing to Teresa Purcell by 320 votes for JD Rosetti’s State Representative seat, appointed Rosetti lost in the primaries. Also in the 19th, incumbent Senator Dean Takko leads over Sue Pederson. Incumbent State Representative Brian Blake holds a strong lead over Jimi O’Hagan.

In the 24th Legislative District, Kevin Van De Wege is ahead of Danille Turissini by over 9,000 votes for retiring Senator Jim Hargrove’s seat. Mike Chapman leads over George Vrable for Van De Wege’s vacated State Representative seat. Incumbent Steve Tharinger leads challenger John Alger by over 8,000 votes for the Position 2 seat.