Steven Russell, one of the three suspects in the robberies and shootings that occurred in October of 2015, was sentenced on Friday to serve 38 years in prison for his involvements in the crimes.

Superior Court Judge Stephen E. Brown said Friday morning, “Again Mr Russell, you were convicted of two counts of assault in the 3rd degree August 7th, 2015. Also an an adult you were convicted of possession of methamphetamine, first-degree burglary, and burglary-second as a juvenile.”

Before sentencing, Russel asked the judge if he could help him with a marriage certificate, asking if he could be married to his girlfriend before being sent off to prison. His mother also wanted to speak but was held up in road construction, so Brown delayed sentencing to give her time.

Brown said, “So as far as the Assault convictions go, you have an offender score of 9 – that’s the max. Your co-defendant Mr Galeana has a score of zero, he has no felony criminal history. So he’s at one end of the sentence range and you’re at the other, but you would know that because you’re aware of your record. So that’s why you are going to be punished more than the person who had the gun, and pulled the trigger.

The Aberdeen Police Department commended the Grays Harbor County Prosecutors Office and the many Officers involved, some of which were in attendance Friday morning. A Facebook post on the department’s page continued, “Thank you for going the extra mile and putting in the extra hours on this case.”

The sentencing for two other suspects who were found guilty by a jury last week will be held next week.