UPDATE: A meeting on October 23rd will detail the maps to the public.
The 90 day appeal period has begun for flood hazard determinations in Grays Harbor County on FEMA’s Coastal Flood Hazard Study. During the appeal period property owners can view the proposed risk maps and submit appeals or corrections in data. After 90 days, and once all appeals have been resolved, a Letter of Final Determination will start a 6 month compliance period before the new Flood Risk Maps take effect.

View the proposed maps here.

Any owner or lessee of real property who believes his or her property rights will be adversely affected by the proposed flood hazard determinations may appeal to the county.  It is important to note, however, that the sole basis for such appeals is the possession of knowledge or information indicating that the proposed flood hazard determinations are scientifically or technically incorrect.  The appeal data must be submitted to FEMA during the 90-day appeal period.  Only appeals of the proposed flood hazard determinations supported by scientific or technical data can be considered before FEMA makes its final flood hazard determination at the end of the 90-day appeal period.  Note that the 90-day appeal period is statutory and cannot be extended.  Minor, non-technical comments such as road name changes, typographical errors, or omissions can be received  up until 90 days prior to the Letter of Final Determination (LFD) date.

Communities that participate in the Community Rating System may be eligible to get credit for exceeding minimum NFIP standards and thus reduce the annual premiums that residents pay for flood insurance.  More information on the Community Rating System can be found at:  http://www.fema.gov/national-flood-insurance-program-community-rating-system



The anticipated schedule for the completion of the project is shown below:


  • Appeal Period – October 9, 2014 through January 6, 2015
  • Projected Letter of Final Determination Issued – May 2015
  • Projected Effective Date – November 2015


*** Projected Dates are subject to change, as appeal or protest resolutions can have major impact on the schedule