As ballots for the November General Election continue to come in through the mail, local county Auditor’s are updating their polls. The Grays Harbor County Auditor’s Office plans to post the latest update to their ballot count on Friday. Visit for the latest updates.

Grays Harbor County

David Mistachkin pulled into the lead with 241 more votes than Encumbent Ray Kahler in the race for the Grays Harbor Superior Court Judge Position 3 seat

the Grays Harbor County Auditor’s Office updated polls report 60% voter turnout so far,

Joe MacLean extended his lead to 337 votes more than encumbent Grays Harbor County Auditor Chris Thomas

Kimberly Foster extended her lead to 546 votes more than Janice Louthan for the Grays Harbor County Clerk seat

Encumbent Arie Callaghan is handily deafeating challenger Allen Werth for the Grays Harbor PUD District 1 Commissioner seat with over 65% of the votes.

Encumbents that were unchallenged this election cycle include Grays Harbor County District #3 Commissioner Vickie Raines, County Sheriff Rick Scott, County Assessor Dan Lindgren, County Coroner Robert Kegel, County Prosecutor Katie Svoboda, and County Tresasurer Ken Albert, as well as District Court Judges Kyle Imler and Tom Copland

Bonds and Levies

Hoquiam school district voters are supporting a $6.8-million bond to renovate Lincoln Elementary School and replace the Mansard type roofs at Hoquiam High School with 68% “yes” votes counted so far

Grays Harbor County Fire District No. 15 voters are supporting a permanent regular EMS and ambulance service levy in the Artic area South of Cosmopolis

Grays Harbor County Fire District No. 16 voters are supporting a 2019 levy in addition to their regular levy to support EMS and ambulance services in the Copalis Crossing area.


The Associated Press reports that Washington voters have passed measures tightening gun regulations and making it easier to prosecute police for negligent shootings. But an initiative that would charge the nation’s first tax on carbon emissions to tackle climate change trailed in early returns Tuesday. Statewide, voters have also passed a measure tightening gun regulations including enhanced background checks for people buying semi-automatic rifles. Initiative 1639 would increase the minimum age to buy semi-automatic rifles from 18 to 21, add a waiting period, and require safe storage of all firearms.

Pacific County

An update from the Pacific County Auditor’s office shows:

Michael “Hawk” Runyon extended his lead to 1060 votes over Todd Stephens in the race for the County Commissioner #3 seat.

Encumbent County Sherriff Scott Johnson is losing to challenger Robin Souvenir by over 600 votes.

Encumbent Pacific County Prosecuting Attorney Mark McClain is winning his race against challenger Pam [Man-uh-men] Maneman by over 1500 votes.

Debbie Oakes, is defeating Don Pape for the PUD 2 Commissioner District #2 seat by 1,082 votes

Pacific County plans to update those numbers again on Friday.


House and Senate

All 98 state House seats were up for election Tuesday as well as 25 of the Senate’s 49 seats.

In Legislative District 19, which covers South Grays Harbor, Pacific, and Wahkiakum Counties, incumbent State Representative Jim Walsh(Prefers Republican Party) is holding onto a thin lead of 222 votes over Erin Frasier(Prefers Democratic Party). Joel McEntire(Prefers Republican Party) issued a press release congratulating incumbent State Representative Brian E. Blake(Prefers Democratic Party) on election night.

In Legislative District 24, which includes the Olympic Penninsula and North Grays Harbor County, incumbent Mike Chapman(Prefers Democratic Party) Chapman leads Jodi Wilke(Prefers Republican Party). Incumbent Steve Tharinger(Prefers Democratic Party) leads challenger Jim McEntire(Prefers Republican Party)

In the statewide race for U.S. Senator, Democratic encumbent Maria Cantwell easily won re-election to a fourth term, beating Republican Susan Hutchison.

Top races across the state include Cathy McMorris Rodgers defeating Lisa Brown for the
U.S. House District 5 seat in Spokane and Kim Schrier defeating Dino Rossi for the U.S. House District 8 seat in the Cascades.

Elections officials reported they had received over half of the ballots from more than 4.3 million registered voters as of 8 p.m. Tuesday night. In competitive races, results are often not known for days as ballots continue to arrive throughout the week and counties post daily updates.

Visit for updates.

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