Authorities are blaming a software glitch for a false-tsunami alarm heard on parts of the Washington Coast Monday. Being the first Monday of the month, the state initiated their monthly-siren test at noon in coastal counties including Grays Harbor, Jefferson, and Clallam.

The All Hazard Alert Broadcast sirens in Clallam County apparently malfunctioned, residents reported hearing a real tsunami warning message instead of the ‘Westminster Chimes’ followed by a message indicating it was a test.

The Washington State Emergency Management Division tweeted yesterday “During a routine test of the tsunami sirens in Clallam County the wrong warning message was played. EMD is working with our partners to quickly determine the cause and prevent it from happening again.”

Check the batteries

Mark Stewart with the Washington Military Department said this morning “Our understanding is the Cosmopolis siren made a gurgling sound rather than play the Westminster chimes due to a problem with the siren’s battery. We’re looking into the situation and making a repair.”