The City of Cosmopolis is pleased to release the architectural drawings of what the new Municipal Building will look like when completed.

In 2005, the Cosmopolis Police Department and the Cosmopolis Municipal Court were moved from their former building and were placed in a trailer donated by Weyerhaeuser. This building was intended to be a temporary home for the department. 15 years later this building is still being used by our officers.

The court, formerly also housed in the trailer until the police department at full capacity required more space, was moved within the Cosmopolis Fire Department building where it has been temporarily since 2015.

As for City Hall, staff have also been relegated to a re-use location, working within the confines of the former Rainier Bank building since 1990.

In November 2019, Cosmopolis voters approved $3 million to fund the design and construction of a combined City Hall/Police Department/Municipal Court to replace the current aging and inadequate facilities.

Cosmopolis Municipal Building Front-Entry

“This year has put a strain on all aspects of life, but knowing that the future of Cosmopolis will be a little brighter by making all of these operations more efficient under one roof, that is actually designed for their purpose, is something the entire community can look forward to.” said Mayor Kyle Pauley.

While statewide restrictions forced the planning for this project to be delayed, work has continued to move forward thanks to a partnership with Harbor Architects, LLC. Residents now have their first opportunity to see the conceptual drawings of the project created by the Aberdeen business that has been instrumental in the design process.

Cosmopolis Municipal Building Back-Entry

“We are extremely excited to reach this major milestone in the design of the new Cosmopolis Municipal Building. Upon overcoming the challenges of COVID 19, Harbor Architects and the City of Cosmopolis have worked diligently in getting our schedule back on track with original timelines.” said City Administrator Darrin Raines.

With the architectural designs completed, the project can begin with the next steps of the process. This includes working with the citizen-led Facility Advisory Committee that worked to select the initial needs of the project to now assist in the next steps.

Raines added, “Spring 2021 is when we are expecting to break ground.”