The City of Ocean Shores is warning customers to be aware of a phone scam in which callers are posing as Water Department employees and demanding payments on overdue accounts.
The City has received several reports from businesses and individuals who have received calls from people claiming to be employees of the City and threatening to shut off a customer’s water if they do not immediately pay a certain amount of money.
It is not a standard policy to contact customers and request immediate payment. Under no circumstances should you make a payment of any kind to callers without first checking to see that they are legitimate representatives of the City who can verify your account information and exact amount owning, both current and past due.
Similar reports of callers demanding immediate payment and claiming to represent cable and phone providers, other public utilities, and a variety of other service organizations have been common recently. Recipients of such fraudulent calls and mailings are advised to first contact company officials to verify the claim and to contact the office of your local law enforcement agency.