The Washington Department of Commerce has awarded the City of Hoquiam a $900,000 Community Development Block Grant to preserve Olympic Stadium. City Administrator Brian Shay said yesterday that the grant builds on the $504,000 grant the Washington Legislature in 2018 and future funding to complete all of the repairs, restoration work and future enhancements.

The City of Hoquiam is thrilled to announce the Department of Commerce has awarded a $900,000 Community Development Grant for the Historic Olympic Stadium Restoration Project.

The City began critical repair work earlier this summer replacing the aging fire suppression system, repairing the front entryway and making structural repairs. These first tasks are funded with a grant through the Washington State Capital Budget also administered by the Department of Commerce.

The City hopes to raise a total of $10M for all of the preservation work and enhancements in and around Olympic Stadium to meet the needs of our community for the next 30-50 years.

Anyone interested in learning more or wishing to make a private donation to fund the project is encouraged to contact Community Services Coordinator Tracy Wood at [email protected]/360-538-3970 or City Administrator Brian Shay at [email protected]/360-538-3983.

Olympic Stadium

“I am so excited about the future of Olympic Stadium,” said Mayor Ben Winkelman. The City is committed to making this facility a world class venue for sports, entertainment and community users, all with the deserving respect given to the deep-rooted community history of the most beautiful wooden stadium in America.”

“I appreciate the dedication of our staff who put together our successful grant application and all of the support we have received from the Department of Commerce through our partnership in the New Approaches Pilot Project.”

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