Utility rates are on the rise in Aberdeen. The city council passed the first reading of a new rate increase schedule that will nearly double rates for sewer in 5 years, increase domestic water rates considerably, and establish a new rate system for stormwater runoff services that will cost every ratepayer a flat fee.

Councilman, and public works committee chair, Tim Alstrom told the city council at their meeting last night, “Quite frankly, it’s substantial rate increases over a period of time but we also have substantial capital improvements that we need to do.”

A sewer rate of 38.72 monthly today will cost about $46 per month in 2020 and about $72 per month by 2024.

A report to the council last summer explained that existing utility rates do not generate sufficient revenue for much-needed capital improvements.

Water rates will go up by about a dollar in the first year, from 25.78 to 26.78, increasing annually by about 3 dollars, with a projected cost of $38.72 per month in 2024.

Stormwater runoff rates will no longer be based on runoff conditions at each parcel, and all hospitable parcels in the city will pay about $9 for the service in 2020 and about $13 a month by 2024.

View the entire ordinance on page 88 of the city’s council packet here. https://aberdeenwa.gov/wp-content/uploads/minutes-agendas-newsletters/Agenda_2019-10-09.pdf

The City obtained the services of a utility rate expert to develop a five-year (2020-2024) utility rate model that will generate the revenue required to implement the capital improvements identified.

A public hearing on the changes will be held during the council’s next regular meeting on October 23, 2019.