The City of Aberdeen is hosting a public forum at the Rotary Log Pavillion on flood insurance for homeowners. A flyer in the recent city bill asks if you have flood insurance, if you’re considering a policy, or if you’ve been contacted about rising rates. The meeting starts at 6 PM on Thursday, November 29, 2018.

On the back of the flyer is an example letter sent to some National Flood Insurance Program policyholders from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) stating that their rates may go up because their home was built before the community’s first Flood Insurance Rate Map and is located in a high-risk flood area on the current flood map.

The FEMA “Letter D,” dated June 26, 2017, can be found online and states that rates will go up between 5% and 18% yearly until an Elevation Certificate is issued. The FEMA website says that FEMA is sending this letter to NFIP policyholders who have a primary residence that was constructed before the community adopted its first flood map. These policyholders are paying a discounted rate for a building located in a high-risk flood area (Special Flood Hazard Area). The letter communicates each policyholder’s known flood risk and how it relates to the premium they are being charged.

The meeting starts at 6 PM on Thursday, November 29th. It is being hosted by the city and will detail the costs of flood insurance, why premiums are going up, Letter D, and what you might do to trim your costs.