The City of Aberdeen is looking for a new location for city hall. Mayor Erik Larson said this morning on Coffeetalk that after a special session last night the council authorized him to spend up to $5,000 to research the potential of purchasing the SeaFirst building on the other side of East Market Street.

Larson said they’re running out of space and the police station needs repairs, “The building is currently vacant. The police station is in very bad shape. We’d like to get rid of that building. Looking at maybe an opportunity to move city hall into the Seafirst building have more space and move the police station and the court into the existing city hall.”

We reported in April that the current owners, David and Sandra Bielski, reached an agreement with Bank of America to complete a 1972 lease that gave the building to the landowner when it expired. David said then that they would consider a long-term lease if the building didn’t sell.

Larson said they don’t even know yet how much Bielkski is asking for the building, but said that they were interested in a purchase, not a long-term lease.