The City of Aberdeen has an official flag. Resident John Barclay designed, and presented the new flag at their city council meeting Wednesday night. Barclay described the flag to the council, that at first glance appears blue with the right half of a capital letter “A” entering from the left.

Barclay said during the meeting Wednesday night, “There’s a blue background, and that is not a letter, it’s not even half of a letter – although it does look like one, but that starts the conversation.”

OK so it’s not the right half of a capital letter A, Barclay explained some of the symbolism he was intending, “The blue on the bottom represents the harbor, that leads out to the ocean, that’s why the leg isn’t attached to the bottom. The diagonal swatch represents the Cehhalis River, the horizontal slash represents the Wishkah [river] and this little part in here,” said Barclay as he pointed at the middle-right of the not-letter-A, “represents where Sam Benn stepped out on the conflux to build a great city.”

The council voted to adopt the flag as the city’s official flag, with one dissending vote from councilwoman Tawni Andrews who said the design reminded her of Alvin and the Chipmunks.