Sidewalks on Simpson Avenue in Hoquiam are getting some attention next summer, thanks to a partnership between the city and the state Department of Transportation.

Project Engineer Mason Skinner told the Hoquiam city council at their meeting last night that after selecting the project to repair sidewalks from the Simpson Avenue bridge East to the Aberdeen city limits, the city learned that the state was planning work on the same road.
“We just happened to find out that they have a paver project in this next biennium on that section of 101. With that

Referring to paving projects, Skinner added, “With that paver project WSDOT is required by their own policies to upgrade any curb ramps or handicap ramps that are not ADA compliant. So to extend the funds as much as possible we didn’t want to upgrade a whole bunch of curb ramps that they would have had to do anyway.”

A $575-thousand grant was awarded from the Transportation Improvement Board, with a $115-thousand match requirement from the city. Skinner said that’s enough funding to replace the entire south side of Simpson, and about half of the North side of the street depending on how much of the current sidewalks can be left alone. He expected the city to apply for more grant funding to complete the project.

Survey and design work begins this summer. with a review this fall. Skinner said if WSDOT gives approval after a review this winter, we’ll see construction by next summer.