The City of Aberdeen would like citizens to know that they don’t have a “summoning department,” and that calls from such department are fake, attempting to get your personal information. The Aberdeen Police Department recently took a statement from a resident who said she received a call from this fake department.

Someone who identified themselves as Nathan Daniels said that he was with the Summoning Department for the City of Aberdeen and that because the woman had failed to respond to a Summons by mail someone would be at her house within the hour. The man on the phone said she could stop that from happening if she called an 888 number, but when she told him that Aberdeen doesn’t use that prefix the man hung up on her.

A city employee told the woman that city numbers do come through as blocked numbers so if a City employee were trying to call her it would likely come through as a blocked number, however, they do not have a “summoning department” and the woman did not appear to have any warrants.

Although it’s not mentioned in the press release, one of the biggest indicators that you may be receiving a call from these types of scammers is a long pause after answering and before the other person replies, this is because usually a phone dialing appliance is used to call large blocks of numbers and only those that answer are forwarded to a potential scammer.