The Aberdeen High School is closed today after a leak in their heating system damaged their main office Tuesday evening. The office will also be relocating services while repairs are made.

The district said that a heat exchanger coil burst and the fluid leaked into the Guidance Center and its computer lab on the second floor, then soaked through the floor and caused additional damage to the Main Office and a portion of the library.

“The main office is not usable and needs to be temporarily relocated,” Superintendent Alicia Henderson said. “We need to ensure the school can operate safely and that our staff can perform the essential functions required to run a school and keep students safe.”

More than a dozen work stations were destroyed, including the attendance secretary, comptroller, school secretary, the principal’s office and both assistant principals’ offices.

“I am confident that our technology staff can relocate these vital systems and we will be back up and running by Thursday,” Superintendent Henderson added.

No classrooms were damaged.