The Grays Harbor Sheriff’s Office reported over the weekend that Brandon Brown walked out of the woods and onto the South Shore Road near Lake Quinault Saturday morning. Brown said he had been lost in the woods since April 18th. He told investigators he spent three days sitting by a fire hoping to be found. When his fire went out and he was unable to get another started he found a creek and followed it to South Shore Road. Brown said that he did not hear or see the search helicopter that had been looking for him.

Family members took Brown to the hospital to be treated for exposure. Brown said he was able to drink water from the creek, but the only food he had to eat came from some mushrooms he found. Brown lost a considerable amount of weight since he went missing.

Lieutenant Brad Johansson said that there are conflicts with the area Brown was reported to have been last seen and the area Brown describes getting lost in. The Sheriff’s Office is continuing to investigate the situation and trying to determine if searchers were looking in the correct area.