William E. Mull, reported missing out of Thurston County, was found deceased Sunday at a vacation home in Amanda Park. The Grays Harbor County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement that no foul play is suspected. ItIt appears that the 70-year-old man may have suffered from exposure.

The Grays Harbor County Coroner will determine and release the cause of death. Mull’s family has been notified.

The sheriff’s office added, “our thoughts and concerns go out to his family and friends during this tragic event.”

On 03/03/20, Mull was picked up by a truck driver on a logging road 3-4 miles in from US Hwy 101 near milepost 134. Mull explained to the truck driver that he had gotten his truck stuck while cutting wood and needed a ride out. The truck driver gave Mull a ride to the Amanda Park Mercantile; dropping him off around 0530 Tuesday morning 03/03/20. Authorities spoke with employees at the Mercantile who last saw Mull around 0945 hours sitting on the rail of the bridge in Amanda Park.

On 03/07/20 Mulls’ pickup was located stuck at the end of a spur road approximately 2-3 miles from where the truck driver picked him up. Quinault Tribal Police, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife and the Grays Harbor Sheriff’s Office have been attempting to locate Mulls.