A body recovered near Raymond has been identified as that of a Raymond man who went missing in 2012. Chief Criminal Deputy Pat Matlock with the Pacific County Sheriff’s Office tells us that on January 31st of this year, the Pacific County Communications Center received a call from a representative of a commercial tree thinning company working in a heavily forested area of Smith Creek, located about three miles north of Raymond. The caller reported that his work crew had located what appeared to be human skeletal remains.

Pacific County Sheriff’s deputies responded to the scene and determined that the skeletal remains were in fact human. A lengthy scene investigation was conducted jointly by personnel from the Sheriff’s Office, the Raymond Police Department and the Pacific County Coroner’s Office. A majority of the skeletal remains were still present in and around the scene to include the skull and teeth. The skull displayed what appeared to be an entry and exit hole caused by a single gunshot. Articles of clothing were also located. Investigators also located a semi-automatic pistol at the scene directly next to a portion of the skeletal remains. The pistol was discovered to be in the loaded position indicating that it had been fired and a live bullet had cycled into the chamber. The pistol was heavily corroded and it was obvious that it had been exposed to the elements for a long period of time. A single spent shell casing was also located at the scene that matched the caliber and ammunition brand that the recovered pistol contained.

Investigators worked together and reviewed pending missing person’s cases that were still active. The investigators quickly focused on a 2012 missing person’s case involving an 18 year old Raymond man, due to the background of that case and the similarities between that case and the discovery of the skeletal remains.

Investigators transported the skeletal remains and dental records from the missing Raymond man to the King County Medical Examiner’s Office in an attempt to receive a positive identification match. The remains were reviewed at that time by Dr. Katherine Taylor, the state forensic anthropologist. The teeth from the remains were inspected and compared with the dental charts and x-rays of the missing Raymond man by the state odontologist, Dr. Gary Bell. He confirmed that the dental charts and x-rays of the missing Raymond man were a match to the teeth from the remains. The remains were identified as Killian P. Tsogo, age 18 at the time of his disappearance. The results of the investigation conclude that the manner of death was suicide. Next of kin has been notified of the identification and conclusion.

Sheriff Scott Johnson stated, “We are truly sorry for the Tsogo family’s loss. We can only hope that the family will gain some type of closure as a result of the conclusion of this investigation.”

Raymond Police Chief Chuck Spoor added, “During the course of one’s law enforcement career, there are generally some cases that remain unsolved, and cause us to pause and think about it nearly every day. The missing person case of Killian Tsogo was one of those cases for me. While the outcome is tragic, it is my hope that knowing what happened may give his family and friends some closure. I appreciate the close working relationship we have with the Pacific County Sheriff’s Office. From the initial ground search of the area several years ago, to the careful and deliberate search and processing of the scene during the investigation, we worked together very well in a difficult situation”