A concerned neighbor helping a child appeared more like an attempted child abduction in Mason County this week. Detective William Adam with the Mason County Sheriff’s Office reports around 3 Tueday afternoon they received a call from staff at the Sand Hill Elementary School in Belfair, that a young girl was approached earlier that day while she was waiting for her school bus. According to the child, a woman stopped and asked if she could provide the girl a ride to school. The school bus then arrived and the woman left.
On Wednesday March 11th, the adult woman came into the Sheriff’s Office in Belfair and said that she was most likely the one that the Sheriff’s Office was looking for. The woman explained that she knows the little girl, and was afraid that she had missed her bus. She said she offered the girl a ride, and left when the school bus showed up.

The school district, the elementary school and the little girl’s family were all notified about the concerned neighbor and that it had not been an attempted child abduction.