There was no semi-daily update from the Grays Harbor health department yesterday, but officials were available by phone Wednesday afternoon and said that (to date) the county has confirmed 13 cases of COVID-19. When asked about statements from other agencies officials said they could not comment beyond reporting protocols.

Update: May 15, 2020

As the world learns more about this new virus testing and reporting procedures will eventually make sense across the board but in some cases, they just don’t right now.

Counties have to argue about residency issues with state health officials like our most recent case which was moved to another county. “One case was reassigned to Pierce County,” Grays Harbor Commissioner Vickie Raines told the Montesano City Council earlier this week, “The individual, while they had their permanent residence as Grays Harbor, they actually reside and have resided in a nursing facility in Pierce County for quite some time.”

*As noted in the updated article, that Pierce County case was reassigned back to Grays Harbor county a week later.

Other cases bring into question how long a positive is considered positive. Locally, we don’t have recovery numbers to report but we know that people don’t test positive forever. Health officials are trying to maintain testing and reporting protocols agreed upon at a statewide and nationwide level, and work to provide the most accurate information as those protocols evolve.

With near-daily updates throughout the week, and their latest information at, the county health department continues to operate a bilingual call center for COVID-19 related questions and testing referrals at (360) 964-1850, Monday through Friday, 8:30 am to 4 pm.