A suspect has been arrested for 3 counts of 2nd degree Arson and 2 counts of Unlawful Possession of a Firearm 2nd degree proceeding a joint investigation by the Department of Natural Resources and the Mason County Sheriff’s Office. 

Several callers reported fires in the Arcadia area on August 23, 2015 around 11:00 PM. Mason County Fire crews and the DNR successfully extinguished three separate fires and later investigations determined that these fires were intentionally set. 


Sheriff Casey Salisbury said, “These fires were set in bone-dry conditions in close proximity to multiple homes during late evening hours when many people are already turned-in for the night. The success of this investigation has been a top priority due to the potentially deadly consequences the timing and location of these fires could have had for many of our citizens.”


A suspect was identified during the course of the investigation and was contacted by DNR Fire Investigators and MCSO Detectives at his residence. A search warrant was obtained for the residence and several pieces of evidence were recovered from the home. The suspect was interviewed by MCSO Detectives.


After the interview the suspect was placed under arrest and booked into the Mason County Jail.