The founder and president of “All K-9’s Go To Heaven”, Marti Tennant, joined together with a Seattle Seahawks football player and purchased a K-9 Storm Kevlar “bullet proof” vest for $2,300.00. The vest was then donated to the Mason County Sheriff’s Office patrol K-9 “Solo”.

The Seattle Seahawks football player requested to remain anonymous, but without his very generous donation, the vest could not have been purchased.

“All K-9’s Go To Heaven” is a non-profit organization that helps in acquiring gear and equipment for Law Enforcement and Military K-9 Units. The organization then seeks out anyone interested in providing donations in order to purchase the expensive equipment. That equipment is then freely provided to the K-9 units.

Mason County Deputy Sheriff Justin Cotte, is the handler for K-9 “Solo”, a three year old German Shepherd. “Solo” works as Deputy Cotte’s partner as a Patrol K-9 and is frequently called upon to track down and apprehend dangerous criminals.

Sheriff Casey Salisbury stated that without the kindness and selfless charity of groups like “All K-9’s Go To Heaven”, and the extreme generosity of citizens, equipment like this K-9 Storm Vest is completely out of reach for this office to acquire. Sheriff Salisbury also said that without public support, we would not have a K-9 program, since it is 100% funded by private donations.

K-9 “Solo” is one of three Sheriff’s Office Patrol Dogs, along with a Narcotic K-9 and a Education/Anit-Bully Teaching K-9.