Aberdeen Police seized an airsoft pistol from a transient man Sunday after a 911 caller reported someone was pointing a weapon at a vehicle in traffic. Investigators need to talk to the driver of the vehicle to in order to press charges.

Police were called to the corner of East Heron and G streets near the Jack in the Box around 9 am Sunday morning. The caller said they didn’t actually see the man pull a gun on anyone, but that they saw him put it back in a bag.

When officers contacted the suspect at the Burger King a few blocks East, he admitted to pointing the airsoft pistol at a car in traffic after the car had nearly hit him. Investigators say that if the driver of that car were to come forward as the victim of the ‘display incident’ they could press the related charges. The man admitted to pointing the weapon at a vehicle, but since the 911 caller didn’t see it happen the police are limited to disorderly conduct without a victim.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Aberdeen Police Department at (360) 533-3180.