The air quality will become very unhealthy tonight as winds carry wildfire smoke through the region.

Chuck Wallace with the Grays Harbor County Emergency Management Agency says the wildfire smoke entering the county from British Columbia has worsened.

“This morning it reached the Unhealthy range in Aberdeen (barely), and the odor of smoke is noticeably stronger.” Wallace said, adding that “the smoke will remain with us possibly through Thursday.

An Air Quality Alert for smoke was issued by the following agencies:
Washington State Department of Ecology,
Northwest Clean Air Agency,
Olympic Region Clean Air Agency,
Puget Sound Clean Air Agency, and
Southwest Clean Air Agency.


Unhealthy air has become common across the area due to smoke from wildfires. Expect to see some improvement in the air quality late Wednesday. The smoke should be mostly or completely out of the area by this weekend.

Those with breathing difficulties, the young and senior citizens are cautioned to remain indoors if possible. Those working outdoors, should avoid very strenuous activity and take numerous breaks. Try to limit time outdoors.

Those with medical conditions, the very young or elderly should remain indoors.

News reports relate the air quality to smoking 7 cigarettes. Late Thursday into Friday will bring relief to the area.