An Aberdeen woman fell off of the Simpson Avenue Bridge in Hoquiam Saturday, landing in the lead containment area of WSDOT’s Bridge Painting Project.
Sgt. Shane Krohn with the Hoquiam Police Department said that just after 5:30 Saturday morning they were called to a female yelling for help from under the bridge A Bridge Tender had arrived for work and could hear the lady yelling for help. Responding officers and aid personnel were advised they would need protective clothing to enter the lead paint containment area.
The victim was able to follow the workers instructions on how to exit the containment area and was able to do so on her own.
Once out of the containment area she was identified as a 70-year-old Aberdeen resident who had been drinking at a local establishment, went for a walk up the bridge and somehow fell into the contained area.
The Aberdeen woman was covered with black debris and was taken to a nearby wash station located at the bridge. She was transported to GHC hospital by Hoquiam paramedics where she was treated and kept for a while for observation.
The Simpson Avenue Bridge has been closed to both pedestrian and vehicle traffic for more than three weeks now due to the painting project. Krohn said that at the base of the bridge there are well-marked signs which read “Bridge Closed” and No bicyclists or Pedestrians.
A report will be forwarded to the city attorney for review of Trespassing charges.