Yelling at an officer that you’re not doing anything wrong won’t get you arrested in Aberdeen, but smoking meth in front of them will earn you an arrest.

Lieutenant Kevin Darst with the Aberdeen Police Department said an officer responded to the report of a suspicious person in the 200 block of Broadway just before 10 pm Tuesday night. A 24-year-old Asian woman was sitting outside talking to herself and getting very loud, the officer knew the woman from a recent arrest on an outstanding warrant at Aberdeen Municipal Court.

As the officer walked up, he asked her how she was doing; she immediately started yelling at him to get away from her, and that she wasn’t bothering anyone. The officer asked the female why she was there and she told him that she was just smoking meth because President Lyndon B. Johnson told her that drugs aren’t illegal, and that she was the queen of eight countries, so she can do what she wants. As the female spoke with the officer, he could see that she was holding a broken glass tube in one hand, and a small piece of foil in the other.

When the female finished talking, she put the glass tube to her mouth and attempted to light the end. The officer asked if she was smoking meth now, and she said yes. The officer informed her that drug paraphernalia is illegal. The female yelled at the officer, telling him that it was not and that she could do what she wanted.

The officer told her she was under arrest, and reached forward to take hold of her left arm. She pulled away from the officer, trying to resist arrest. After a few minutes of resisting, the officer gained control of her and placed her into his vehicle.