A 30-year old Aberdeen woman was arrested Sunday morning when she came to the Aberdeen Police station to visit an inmate. The same woman was released from the Aberdeen Jail around 11:30 PM Saturday night.

Sunday morning at about 7:30 AM a man in the 300 block of N. F St. reported his 1990 Ford F-150 pickup truck had been prowled overnight and his wallet was taken. The vehicle prowler left behind Aberdeen Municipal Court paperwork and some miscellaneous clothing. One article of clothing was the sweatshirt the suspect was wearing in her booking photo from last night.

Before dropping by the police department to visit an inmate, the suspect stopped by the victim’s residence and returned the wallet she had stolen from his pickup truck. She was positively identified, and information was provided to patrol officers to arrest her for Vehicle Prowling in the 2nd Degree. Around 10:20 AM she walked in to the police station lobby, and quickly transitioned from visitor to arrestee.

The Aberdeen Police Department wants to remind everybody to lock your vehicles whenever able, and don’t leave valuables in your unattended vehicles.