Update: The city has instead voted to extend their contract with Lemay’s after contract discussions fell through, find the complete article here.

Aberdeen dumped Lemay’s last night and picked up Hometown Sanitation for their solid waste contract. Roger Swalander, site manager for Lemay’s of Grays Harbor County, said during the public comment period of last night’s council meeting, “A few items that brought us concern are the city citing the rates, non-negotiable at 2% lower than our current rates. This is not a common practice and it brought concern with the motives.”

He said that the company didn’t agree with some of the requirements when the city recently asked for vendor bids on sanitation services.

He detailed other issues the company had, “The RFP identifies 12 breach of service issues that all come with fines. With a partnership in good standing, we would work through any issues and correct them quickly without [a] monitary fee being the reason for correction.”

So, Swalander said, they submitted their own proposal. “Lemay has made the decision to submit a proposal to continue providing quality and trusted service at the current rates and under the current contract and with the willingness to negotiate in good faith.”

Brian Smith, co-owner of Hometown Sanitation in Hoquiam told the council last night,”For what it’s worth I just wanted to show you that we’ve worked under a similar contract, we’ve done service since 2004 I just wanted to thank you for even considering us.”

The city council came out of an executive session late last night and voted to go with Hometown Sanitation for service. Hometown Sanitation contracts with Lemay’s for tipping service, so Aberdeen trash still ends up in the same place, a landfill in The Dalles, Oregon.

A transition will be detailed in the coming months. Herald Lemay Enterprises in Washington is owned by Waste Connections, who serves millions of customers across the US and Canada through thousands of business names.