A transient was attacked by another with a knife in downtown Aberdeen over night. Sergeant Ross Lampkey with the Aberdeen Police Department tells KBKW that it wasn’t a stabbing, the man was attacked with the handle of the knife after an apparent argument.

Officers were called to the report of a woman screaming in the 1,000 block of East Market Street around 1:30 am Thursday morning. A woman covered in blood told officers that a man nearby was injured. Officers found a 24-year-old white man with lacerations to his face and hands. The victim told police that a 49-year-old Native American man had assaulted him then fled the scene.

Officers determined the two had been talking when the suspect struck the victim in the head with the handle-end of a knife. The victim sustained injuries to his hands while attempting to scuffle for the knife.

The man is still at large but is well known to local officers. The incident is being investigated as a felony assault.