An Aberdeen man was convicted on felony rape charges yesterday after a jury found 19-year-old Joel Krebs guilty of Rape in the Second Degree. Krebs is one of two men arrested last February after a 19-year-old Tacoma woman told police that the two invited her to play beer pong with them then carried her into a bedroom and raped her after she passed out. Krebs had been in a relationship with the woman earlier that year, she told police they were still friends.

Krebs and 19-year-old Tanner Birdsall were arrested on investigation of rape charges February 11, 2015, after the Grays Harbor County Sheriff’s Office said a rape kit was performed on the woman at Providence St. Peter Hospital.

The woman told investigators that the drinks seemed very strong that night, and after only 4 drinks she was having a tough time keeping her balance and was getting confused. Court documents said the woman remembered waking up unable to move with both Birdsall and Krebs in the room with her, and at times on top of her, but she said that much of the night was a blur. Birdsall goes to trial on those charges in September.

Both men were jailed on investigation of class B felony charges after police say they played chicken with a train that derailed in East Montesano late last December. Krebs was the driver and Birdsall the passenger in a truck that was on the tracks at the Glenn Road North intersection prompting an emergency stop. A source tells us that Birdsall is not facing any charges stemming from that incident.

Krebs was booked into the Grays Harbor County Jail Wednesday afternoon and awaits sentencing for the class A felony charge of Rape in the second degree. Birdsall is awaiting court on the rape charge, neither has faced charges in the train incident yet.