The Aberdeen School District is inviting the public to a meeting on site selection for a new Stevens Elementary School this Wednesday evening.

The Stevens Elementary Task Force is developing a list of site considerations and is seeking public input to prioritize the list. The key question is whether to build on property the district owns adjacent to the current location or elsewhere in South Aberdeen, perhaps near the college or other acreage off Huntley Street.

The meeting starts at 6 p.m. this Wednesday (March 21) in the cafeteria at Stevens.

The district has been looking at options for the elementary school for several years, in 2011 Superintendent Tom Opstad said, “As we look ahead, knowing the bond for [Aberdeen High School] will be paid out in 2023, we need to start planning now so that we can look at transitioning.” Since that time many options have been discussed, including property owned by the district near Grays Harbor College. They’ve also researched a combined school/daycare facility at the base of the college, near the Bishop center for performing arts.

The Task Force will make a recommendation to the School Board in May on where a new school should be built. The final decision will be made by the School Board.

A flowchart and updates are being posted here: