The Aberdeen School Board is considering options for implementing the state’s K-3 Class Size Reduction to achieve a districtwide, class size average of 17 students to each teacher. Districts that fail to reach that goal by 2019-2020 will lose some state funding, for Aberdeen that could mean about $600-thousand.

While the district is already planning on bringing in new teachers for special education, this mandate will require additional teachers to reach the 17:1 goal. Four options are being considered, including an option to do nothing and lose the state funding.

One option would be to purchase portables for the elementary schools – noting that every elementary in Aberdeen’s district is close to capacity except Central Park.

Another option would be to move 6th grade to Miller Junior High School.

One option being considered is to band the schools by grade, a technique done in smaller districts where each elementary teaches a grade range, and all students in the district would attend the same schools as they progressed through the grades.

The School Board has not made a decision yet. Commissioners were presented with the information at their meeting earlier this month. They’re asking for public input on the options through an online questionnaire.

The next meeting of the Board is Tuesday, March 20, in the Community Room at Aberdeen High School. The School Board is likely to make a final decision later this spring.

Here is a link to the presentation on options: Enc 05 K-3 Class Size 

Here is a link to the questionnaire: