The Aberdeen School District will be heading into the coming year with a different budget than expected thanks to some changes from the state and some new faces. Executive Director of Business and Operations Elyssa Louderback told the school board at their meeting this week, “We will be going into the 2020/21 with a $612,695.00 reduction in LEA.”

Local Effort Assistance or (LEA) funds are given to districts with lower property values and are meant to equalize school funding across the state, they can be withheld when the state is pinching pennies and they can be modified by the state legislature. Louderback explained during the monthly finance update, “This is separate from any additional cuts to LEA that the leg may make in a special session, or in January 2021. It is likely the leg will not be allocating additional funds to make up this difference.”

The school also receives money from the state which is based on the number of students enrolled. Louderback said that number appears strong, “Our schools have contacted families who indicated they were unsure about attendance in the fall to update their status. As of this morning, our principals have reported a projected enrollment for the next year of 3,114 K-12 students, this is an increase of 54 students.”

The district’s 2021 budget will be up for public hearing on July 21st with planned-adoption in August.