One new, and one renewal, the Aberdeen School District is considering two entries on the February ballots for support. First they plan to seek a February ballot for a bond to build a new Stevens Elementary School in South Aberdeen. The District will also request a Levy to continue support for music and athletics.

Superintendent Dr. Alice Henderson said at the board meeting earlier this month, “Contrary to previously held thinking it’s probably wise for us to go for both of them at the same time. Because it can tell a complete story to the voters. Rather than going for the new school then coming back a month later, you tell a complete story that shows the impact.”

This preliminary scenario above was presented to the Board on August 20 and will be further refined before the October 15 presentation and formal decision placing a bond measure on the ballot.

The district is close to securing a federal FEMA grant to integrate a vertical evacuation structure into the new school for Stevens Elementary and Miller Junior High students in the event of a tsunami. A formal recommendation on that bond will be before the board’s October 15th meeting.

The local enrichment levy, formerly the M&O levy, supports music and athletics in our district. The Board considering the current rate of $2.50 per $1,000 of assessed property value for renewal of that levy which expires in 2020.