The city of Aberdeen is removing the fountain statue in front of City Hall, Parks Director Karl Harris tells us it’s going out for repairs. Heaven, Man and Earth“The statue was originally built by George Tsutakawa; Gerry Tsutakawa his son has come down to visit us and looked at the statue. He said that it’s actually in the best condition of any of the water fountains that his father had done that he’s seen, however it’s not in good condition.

Harris said the pipes inside are corroded, and they need to track down a leak “What we’re going to have to do is take the fountain off the pedestal our water department will then take the fountain up to Mr Tsutakawa’s shop he will work on it, make it look just like brand new. At the same time our water department will dig up [the pool] and find out where the leak is.

Harris said they should be able to reinstall the fountain by next Spring.

The bronze statue titled “Heaven, Man and Earth” was built in 1977, George passed away in 2010, his son Gerry Tsutakawa made the sculpture placed a block away called Illumination for the Timberland Regional Library in 2005.

Heaven, Man and Earth was built in 1977 by George Tsutakawa