The Aberdeen Police Department is warning citizens of a new phone scam where it appears that you are getting a call from their department.

An Aberdeen woman said she received a call appearing to come from 360-533-1021. She knew that it was a scam because they were asking for her credit card and they could barely speak English.

A press release from the department yesterday assured residents that they do not solicit by phone. The department will not ask for payment of fines, credit card information, or personal information, over the phone.

Lieutenant Kevin Darst said “We advise citizens to not give out any personal information when contacted by anyone over the phone. There are many types of phone scams occurring on a regular basis and you should protect your personal information.”

Contact your local police department if you have questions or concerns.

Also remember that while it is possible to spoof a phone call and make it appear to come from anywhere, scammers cannot change who you call. If you are concerned with the call you’ve received, ask to call them back and look up the number yourself.