The Aberdeen Police Department will be joining hundreds of law enforcement agencies nationwide issuing “Cool” tickets to local youth. Celebrating the 21st anniversary of 7-Eleven Stores Inc. local police are conducting “Operation Chill”, a FREE small Slurpee drink program.

Lieutenant C.J. Chastain said the plan is for officers to issue “tickets” to youngsters that they see exhibiting good behavior like wearing helmets when riding bikes or skateboards, doing good deeds, participating in community activities, picking up trash, or generally doing something that they would want to reward.

The program is designed to promote positive interaction between the community, police, and 7-Eleven. It’s an icebreaker, a way to encourage dialogue in a non-threatening, non-law enforcement situation. Each Aberdeen patrol/detective car will be issued booklets for officers to begin handing out to area kids as they see fit.

Chastain added “This is a great summertime program to build rapport with the kids in our neighborhoods.”