The Aberdeen Police Department is hiring. Police Chief Bob Torgerson said they have some new faces, and they’re looking for more. “We are in the process of hiring, and we’re going to be giving another test.”

Visit for details on local departments that are hiring police, firefighters, jailors and 911 dispatchers. Torgerson added, “We do all our testing. We do our written exam, and our physical agility and fitness test, and then we invite – people that are in the top level that show interest in coming to Aberdeen, we invite them to an oral exam.”

A quick look at the list Friday morning shows Aberdeen has openings for officers and a jailor. Ocean Shores, and Westport are looking for police officers.

Torgerson said we’ll see some new officers on the streets of Aberdeen soon, We have Corrections Officer Williams graduating from the corrections academy Friday, we’re excited about that. We have one more new corrections officer that has to attend the correction academy.”

Torgerson said during CoffeeTalk earlier this week, “We have a police officer that’s in his 10th week at the academy of the 19-week. One of our recent graduates [was] sworn in at the city council meeting; Officer Burken will finish his FTO and he’ll be out on his own.”

Meanwhile, the Aberdeen and Ocean Shores Fire Departments are also hiring, visit for details.