On 8-8-18, about 1402 hours, Aberdeen Police Officers were dispatched to the Transient River Camp at 301 River Street for the report of a stabbing.  Upon arrival, Officers contacted the victim, a male subject who stated he was staying at the camp. He had just arrived a few days earlier from Seattle and came to the river.  He told the officers that he was stabbed in the hand by another male subject.


The victim related that he was walking along the beach at the transient camp when the other man came at him in an aggressive manner with the sword raised like a baseball bat.  The suspect swung the sword at the victim’s head and the victim raised his right hand to protect himself. The sword struck his right hand causing a laceration on the top of his hand.  The suspect continued to come at the victim, so he punched the suspect along the right side of his head which caused the suspect to fall and strike his head on the rocks along the river bank.  The Aberdeen Fire Department (AFD) was called for the victim. He was later transported to the hospital.


Officers located the suspect in his tent a short distance away.  He is a Hispanic male who is 51 years of age and living at the River Transient Camp.   He was bleeding from the side of his head and claiming that he was sleeping in his tent and woke up seeing stars.  He noticed that his watch was missing. AFD was called to check on the suspect. He was also transported the hospital.


Officers located the crime scene.  The sword and the suspect’s watch were at the scene.  The scene was processed. The investigation is continuing.