A 25 year old Hoquiam man with an arrest warrant ran from Aberdeen Police multiple times yesterday, he was eventually tazed at the Thunderbird Motel before being taken into custody. Aberdeen Police Captain John Green tells us at about 9:23 Wednesday morning an Aberdeen Patrol officer was on patrol in the area of Wishkah and Jefferson Street when he noticed an adult male subject that he had prior contacts with. When the officer checked his in car computer he located a Department of Corrections felony arrest warrant alert for the man. The arrest warrant was for Escape from Community Custody.

The Aberdeen Police Officer located the man standing in the 400 block of West Wishkah, in the alley. When the officer contacted the man and advised him of the arrest warrant the man refused the commands from the officer. He then ran from the officer toward Market Street, refusing to comply with the orders of the officer to stop.

The suspect ran in the middle of the block in the 400 block of West Market Street. Other police officers responded to the location as the officer was now in a foot pursuit of the suspect. The male suspect stopped in the Eastbound lanes of travel on Market Street and told the officer something to the effect of that he was just joking.

When the officer went to place the suspect into handcuffs the suspect resisted by pulling his arms away from the officer. The suspect escaped the officers hold and then ran Eastbound toward Coastline Signs. The officer chased the suspect as he ran toward the Thunderbird Motel, catching up with him in the parking lot. Other Aberdeen Officers arrived at the Thunderbird Motel parking lot at this time.

The suspect ran away from the officers, attempting to go up a stairwell at the motel. An Aberdeen Officer warned the suspect that if he did not stop running a conducted electrical device would be applied. The suspect refused to comply with the officers commands and the CED was successfully applied causing the man to fall to the floor where he was placed into handcuffs by Aberdeen Officers.

The 25 year old Hoquiam man was checked by the Aberdeen Fire Department at the arrest location. The suspect was booked into the City of Aberdeen Jail on charges of Obstructing a Law Enforcement Officer, Resisting Arrest, and the DOC Felony warrant for Escape from Community Custody.

No injuries were reported by the Aberdeen Officers. The suspect had two minor puncture wounds from where the CED darts attached to the suspects back. The darts were removed by the Paramedics from the Aberdeen Fire Department.