A 37-year old Aberdeen woman was helped from the muddy banks of the Wishkah River just before noon Sunday. Just after 11:30 AM Aberdeen Police and Fire responded to the Young Street Bridge for a report of one and then two women in the river.

The Aberdeen Polic Department reported Sunday that It was unknown if they fell or jumped in the river, but they were being swept up river by the current. As officers arrived into the area, we were advised one female was able to get herself out of the water, but the second was still adrift.

Officers on the bridge and banks of the river were able to spot the woman clinging to a piling and float on the south side of the river, by the apartments in the 1200 block of Arthur St. An officer was able to get to her location, drop his ballistic vest, and descend down muddy pilings and pull her out of the water. With the assistance of the second officer arriving to his location, together they were able to pull the woman up into the dry river grass, where paramedics arrived and took over. She was later transferred to the hospital for additional checkup.

The primary officer wanted no personal attention for the team effort, but the department sent an unidentified photo out with the press release labelled “Muddy Officer.”