An Aberdeen man was transported to Community Hospital for evaluation last night after residents in the 2000 block of Cherry Street reported a man was defecating in their driveway and attempting to mate with their garbage can.

A source at the Aberdeen Police Department tells us neighbors called 911 around 9:30 p.m. Tuesday night after seeing the man peeking in windows. Another caller said the man was not wearing pants and was defecating in a driveway before attempting to fornicate with a LeMay garbage can.

Responding officers said the 25-year-old Aberdeen man was unable to communicate with them. Our source said that based on his interactions with police, they felt that he may have ingested a large amount of marijuana or synthetic marijuana.

The Aberdeen Fire Department also responded, and transported the man to Community Hospital for further evaluation. Our source noted that police did not arrest him, he was transported by ambulance for evaluation based on his behavior.

Police checked the area afterwards and found no “deposits” in the driveway.

A woman commented on our Facebook post that she was a witness to the event, Skyla Bittner wrote “I was there when this happened last night he was found unable to communicate laying in the middle of the street not humping a garbage can all of his clothes were intact they found no drugs or paraphernalia on him and the poor kid just kept crying saying…all’s I did was smoke weed…. I like to say thank you to the police officers who handle it accordingly you could tell that this kid was in need of medical attention.”