Aberdeen Police cited a man for hit-and-run and driving on a suspended license after a witness snapped a photo of the u-haul truck that damaged a downtown building over the weekend.

Lieutenant C.J. Chastain said it was first reported Saturday afternoon, a citizen spotted damage to the overhang roofing at Journey Travel at 108 East First Street. Chastain said the three pillars supporting the east side of the overhang were damaged severely, and the overhang was barely overhanging. The vehicle involved had fled the scene.

While investigating another citizen across the alley said they had witnessed the collision and used their cell phone for a photo.

Officers tracked the rental truck back to a 45-year old East Aberdeen man who later returned to the scene. He told officers he was driving through when the tall truck storage box struck the overhang. He reported he panicked because he was supposed to have the truck back by 4 PM, so he backed up and drove away.

The driver was determined to have a suspended driver’s license. He was issued criminal citations for Hit and Run and Driving While Suspended.

The overhang was inspected and removed from the building. Damage estimates are expected to exceed $50,000 to the building and truck.